Like Father, Like Charlie

I think my son, Charlie, is watching too many videos of daddy singing. He is now acting like me when he hears a MercyMe song. See if you can spot the similarities.

PS. watch how he slightly waves when he leaves the “stage.”

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  • Sandi

    that is way too cute!

  • kelli

    You best watch out. You may not be long as lead singer 🙂

  • Christie

    That is fantastically adorable.

  • Christy

    Your son is a cutie. He may have your job soon.

  • anon4him

    lol, aww… so cute!

  • andira

    That was priceless.

  • Mark

    1. Pained expressions – looks like they’re crying when in fact they’re singing.
    2. Great thumb strumming techniques. Actually, we never really see Bart play guitar, so this is pure speculation.
    3. Use the same hair products.

    4. They’re both quite handsome. And charming.

  • Heidi

    That was totally adorable. My daughter (3 1/2) wanted to keep watching. Cute!!


  • Holly

    That was cuter than cute. How fun to grow up in your house. 🙂

  • West

    that’s good stuff…my kids are nuts but you try to get video proof and they make me a liar….

  • Robbie

    I love it, he is too cute. Cherish these moments because they grow up way too soon.

  • Stephanie K.

    That. Is. SO. Cute. 😀

  • TLC

    They watch everything we do!This is SO precious! Not only because he is so adorable, but because he is a mini Bart.

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