Dear God…

“Dear God,
I would like to say no thank you to BBQ from north Carolina. Amen”

“PS. God thank you for jim’s meal looking like a fish from a cartoon. That was fun.”

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  • Christy

    Poor Bart. And hey, don’t you think they should have thrown that fish back for a few days.
    Christy in KY

  • Nancy

    Fish and BBQ from the same restaurant kitchen? No wonder you’re holding your nose.

  • Sandi

    that made me lose my appitite….particularly the fish…yuck! lol

  • Brenda

    EEEWWW! !!! hope dinner is better LOL ………

  • andira

    Where in NC did you get that BBQ? I grew up in Lexington, NC, which is SUPPOSEDLY the BBQ city of the U.S…….well, er at least of the south. Not saying I agree (I dislike pork BBQ)

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