Small Town Life


Small town life has it’s ups and downs….ups…great hole in the wall restaurants.

Downs….. illiteracy.

You guys have any fun signs from your home towns???


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  • Nathan

    What’s wromg with it?…lol!

    You guys are great.

  • Just A Passer By

    No sorry, I don’t have any. I live in the most commercialized part of southern,ca. Every sign has pretty much been on a movie or is known around the U.S. Gosh, why do I live in such a predictable place. I’m moving to Iowa or Kentucky.

  • Sandi

    no funny signs here in CA…but a few years ago, the headline on a local paper showed the newly painted street in front of a school saying “shcool” 🙂

  • Christy

    I’m in KY. Of course there are crazy signs here. I just can’t find any right now. Speaking of small towns. We only have one red light. We are on a lake if anyone wants to come visit. It is a great place to get away. You can rent some great houseboats here.

  • Cathy

    My 8 year old is obsessed with Kentucky right now. We just might pay you a visit next year(This year’s vacation is already planned).

  • Brenda

    I like Nathan’s answer “whats wromg with it …too Funny… and these people actually own a resturant WOW!!! maybe they thought no one would notice LOL… down here in Florida … sometimes you see construction signs that say “MEN WORKING” but you never see anybody ever !!! Have fun in your travels ….

  • Judy

    Clearly a case of the missing N’s
    Love the blog

  • Christie

    I live in a small town. No weird signs here. Sometimes we get a cheesy church sign. Those are always fun.

  • Robin

    I love those hole in the wall places….normally if it looks horrible on the outside and it’s packed with people, it’s gotta be good!!! Having grown up in the south, that’s a way of life!!! Like TopHat Chicken in Columbus Georgia…nasty looking place, but OH, what great chicken!!!

    I like the signs you often see on Southern Churches personally…those are the best!

    I do remember being casually freaked out by the signs in OK that said, “Don’t drive into the smoke”…yet there was NO smoke..

  • Jen

    My friends and I were just discussing this today. We drove my a little sign that was advertising for good home-cooking and it said, “Just like your mom use to make.”

    If you didn’t catch it, there should be a ‘d’ on the end of ‘use’. I’m sure most people wouldn’t catch it but I’m a grammar freak. Blame it on my mom.

  • West

    I took their “N”s…..sorry

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