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skinnybart1.jpgOur record label asked if we could mention our iTunes Originals Project that just released this week, but they did not want it to sound like it was their idea to do this. They want it to come across sincere…from the artist to the fans. So here we go.

Dear friends,

With their iTunes Original Series, iTunes is truly making a difference! For just under the cost of ten $1 cups of coffee, you could help iTunes in their efforts to feed starving artists like MercyMe. MERCYME NEEDS YOUR HELP! Bart Millard used to weigh over 300 pounds, but now weighs a mere 287. With your help we can stop Bart from withering away! Please go to iTunes and buy the new iTunes Originals by MercyMe, and let’s keep Bart big. Thank you and God bless America.


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  • Sandi

    hahahahaha, lolololololol…….I can’t contain my laughter…..hahahaha, wow, lolololol.

  • todd

    Yes…funny and gutsy all at the same time!

  • adam

    O no! Bart, don’t shrivel up and disappear! Off to iTunes to help!

  • Heidi

    You men (boys at heart) are INSANE and I love it. When I click your blog, I don’t know if I’m going to get a concert live in my very own home office or if you’re going to make me laugh so hard that I have to clean coffee off of my computer monitor.

    Bart – I like you better bigger. Skinny is sooo Hollywood. Ick!

    Heidi Reed

  • Robbie

    We cannot let you wither away especially since you are our daily source of entertainment!

  • Mahlberg

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. It makes me laugh when I’m having a bad day. I think it’s great that you are all so goofy 🙂 Bart, don’t wither away, please!

  • Brenda

    Oh !!! LOLOLOLOLOL you guys never cease to amaze me…. Bart…dont change anything….I;m with Heidi and never know what i’m in for when i go to your blog…to hear an awesome concert or something so funny that I cant stop laughing –brings me to tears…. Gosh… GOD Bless & PEACE

  • Gette

    Ok, so I rushed right to itunes to buy the album. My part in Bart’s maintenance is complete. Enjoy the new tracks and commentary. Why the awesome story about “I Heard the Bells” then a copy of “God Rest ye Merry..” though?

  • Alymc

    Ahhhaaahahaha! That is about the best thing ever. I’m with Sandi on this one.

  • Just A Passer By

    *laughing histerically* I’m headed to itunes.(said/typed with an uncontrolable laughter) 🙂 *continues to laugh histerically*

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