Bowling In Nashville


So since our atlanta show cancelled tonight, we went to nashville to have some feirce bowling competition w/ our dear friend Mark Stuart from AA…I am not a good bowler.


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  • Sandi

    That is awesome that you guys took a detour and got to have some fun with Mark. He’s such an awesome guy. So…what did the score board look like???? 😉

  • MMmike

    let’s just say that i broke 100…..just broke 100. I think it was the pink ball that held me back though.


  • Sandi

    suuuuure blame the pink ball! 😉 lol. Sounds like my kind of score, lol. But I’m sure it was the pink ball. 😉

  • Just A Passer By

    Glad you guys found something fun to do. Rock that pink ball Mike, your so capable of it. 🙂

  • jonathan

    So your bowling score matches your golf score??? I will buy you some pink golf balls.


    J/J You would probably beat me at golf.

  • West

    you’re alcoholics?

    kidding…I know I am lacking in “tasteful humor”

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