Is Being Goofy A Spiritual Gift?

You may wonder why we are so goofy on this blog most of the time. Basically it’s because this is who we are. With songs like “Imagine, Homesick, Bring The Rain” etc. we have the honor of hearing stories of how these songs have gotten people through some very tragic seasons in their lives. And when I say stories, I mean thousands of them.

We feel extremely blessed to be able to minister to people during such difficult times, but let’s face it, after a while it can get really heavy. Maybe that’s why we go to great lengths to laugh….a lot.

I think the only way to keep ministering to the hurting effectively is to have the ability to escape from time to time and do things that just make you laugh. There is nothing more therapeutic than just being corny sometimes. There is a song on our latest album that sort of addresses this called “All Right.” The song ends with what has become my mantra, if you will. It says, “Count it pure joy when the world comes crashing, hold your head up and keep on dancing.”

I hope you can appreciate the value in being silly. Maybe next time you are with your friends, or maybe your husband or wife, or your kids, go ahead and bust a move on them. Do something out of the ordinary. Do whatever it takes to make ’em smile. By the way, this is where you should cue up the “I’d like to by the world a coke” music.So why are we so goofy on this blog? Hopefully to make you laugh. Because, trust me, we are laughing our heads off on this end.


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  • Nathan

    Says video is not available. And this is only 2 hours old….

  • West

    yes, goofy is a spiritual gift… “sticking one’s foot in the mouth” a gift? I think I have that…if it’s a gift.

  • Jen

    This video immediately makes me want to go out and buy a video camera so that I can make up stupid junk to put on my blog. I love it!

  • Robbie

    God has given us many things in life and laughter is one of them. Its great to have fun and to laugh, especially to laugh at ourselves.

    I have personally had to deal with a lot of difficult times over the past few years and I agree it does get “heavy” and laughter is just one of the ways to alleviate some of the weight and the stress.

    I was just telling my niece yesterday that I love seeing this side of you all. When we go to the concerts it is a more serious side that we see so it is so good to see the silly side of you as well.

    By the way, I’m 47 years old and I bust a move frequently. My granddaughter loves it especially if I start singing a little Hannah Montana or High School Musical.

    Keep the laughter coming!

  • Aubrey

    I think you guys have found another career!

    Keep up the great work. I love your blog…it keeps me laughing!!

  • The Akers'

    Well, we have never commented, but we keep up with you guys on this blog on a daily basis, and we love it! These last two posts just cannot go without comment!!! Loved it, the kids and I have watched them twice and laughed our heads off! And I wholeheartedly agree….laughter is the BEST medicine for anything that ails you! Most importantly, we appreciate knowing both sides of you all….the fun loving side, and the passionate side of your worship. One without the other wouldn’t work!! Miss seeing you guys, give our love to your families!!! We are praying for you while you are out on the road! We have some pizza with your names on it when you get home!

    The Akers’ Family

  • Brenda

    Yes I think it is… You guys definity have the gifts.. The gift of making poeple laugh with yor “just being silly”, laugh so hard you cry ….AND the gift of singing those songs of praise and worship with words that bring tears to many eyes…. and thats what life is all about…….. keep on keeping on… 🙂

  • Mark M

    If people only new you were funnier than you are serious 🙂

  • Jen

    How about ‘ridiculousness’? Can it be spiritual gift? I find I’m not so much as funny on my blog as ridiculous…

  • Christy

    I love it that your goofy. It sure helps to laugh. It says in the Word that laughter is like medicine. So be goofy and have a big time.
    Christy in KY

  • Alymc

    I always know where to come if I want a good laugh .. and I appreciate that.

  • stacey

    Now i thought i was goofy. You guys make me laugh so hard i can’t watch your video clip the whole time. I have had to go back and watch it again to see the whole thing threw. Well having said that your right about when things get heavy you need to laugh and have fun. I do those things with by kids and trust me we laugh at the silly stuff like sounds. Joking with my sons is fun for me. My oldest son and i watch the goofy movie and i do the silly move were the main characters friend does this silly dance while cleaning. Thanks for sharing the silly side of yourselfs. I will be praying for you guys while your on the road and that you get home safe. God Bless!!

  • Tammy

    At my work we are going through a complicated merge right now because we were bought by another bank. It is very stressfull! But during the day I can do a quick click to the MM blog and forget my stress for just a few minutes. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE!
    Just a couple of positive stories involving your music. Every time my grandson gets in my car we have to turn the cd to “Goodbye Ordinary” and “Time Has Come”(his favorite). It is wonderful that he and I can enjoy your music together.
    I have a brother that I have been praying for and helping and praying for and helping. And some things had happened that had just totally tried my patience. I had made my mind up that it was time to wash my hands of the situation. The morning that I was going to make the changes, when I got in my car,my stereo came on by itself and went from cd 1 to cd 6 to the 7th song to the middle of the song “though we think the heart is to far gone, grace tells us another story!” I broke down. I said ok God I will not give up. The next week I spent the good part of a day with my brother in the ER because his liver was giving him problems. I got to witness and lead him to the Lord! And now he is going to a recovery group and reading his bible. The Lord is working in his life and it will be a long road out of that life but I know God can! The Lord is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never moves or changes. The only thing that changes is our faith and belief in Him.
    I hope this is not too long.(will send a blog address soon)God bless all of you and your families.
    PS: Did you know that God collects our tears in a bottle and records them in a book?!(the living bible psalms 56:8

  • Sandi

    haha, that was the best one yet! I seriously think you guys should do some of this on stage…get the crowd going with ya!!! I would!!!! I remember the first MercyMe concert I had ever been to. It was when I was living in S. CA and it was in Irvine with Jeremy Camp opening and we had tickets all the way in the top back corner of the venue…but hey, I was excited to be there. You guys talked about this song that you were asked to make (I think it was about every book of the Bible) and how you procrastinated and literally came up with it as they were on their way over to hear it…then you sang it. I was laughing really hard at that story…but I have to admit, that song was pretty awesome and wish I could hear that again! 😉

  • Heidi

    I love it!

    If it wasn’t for humor I’d not survive. My husband is hysterically funny. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be as happily married.

    Keep it up cuz we love it!

    Heidi Reed

  • ali

    I have a quote that hangs in my office. I don’t know where I got it, or where it originated, but it’s one of my favorites….

    “Humor is a God-given escape hatch.”

    Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

  • Emma

    Yes, making people laugh is definitely a spiritual gift and y’all have it in abundance. I love checking up on this blog because I so appreciate y’all’s sense of humor. “Count it pure joy when the world comes crashing, hold your head up and keep on dancing” is my manta, too.

    By the way, love Bart’s faces in Take 2!!

  • amy

    vedy, vedy funny

  • Nancy

    Har har har…can’t stop laughing long enough to type…i’m way too serious myself and need people/blogs like yours to add balance in my perspective! keep ’em coming!

  • Just A Passer By

    Let me tell you guys. Hold on, I can’t stop laughing.*Laughing uncontrolably* Ok I’m done. Anyways I wanted to tell you guys that this blog makes me laugh continually as I displayed earlier. Everyday I read your blog it brings a huge smile to my face:), see. There is not one post that you guys have posted that doesn’t make me laugh myself to tears. Seriously.:) I have never read a blog so entertaining and fun filled. You guys are truly one of the funniest groups of people I’ve ever seen, especially you Bart. Don’t change guys, where this world be without the love and goofyness of MercyMe. And people say Christians are boring and timid. Ha, one video of you guys and I’m sure they’ll change their perspective. More funny posts please. *As to be read with an uncontrolable laughter*

  • alexis

    hey i love you guys i’m going to go see u at the big sandy superstore areana this thursday i cant wait

  • Katherine

    Yes, it has to be a spiritual gift!! I love coming to this blog and seeing what new antics you guys have come up with-it is obvious you guys love what you do AND you have fun doing it.

    You are actually ministering two-fold, and likely often to the same group of people-those who are touched by your songs because of where they are and what they are struggling with; and those who need some laughter in spite of where they are or what they or struggling with…and everyone in between. It is great.

    Laughter really is the best medicine!! 😉 Keep making us laugh and touching our hearts.


  • Wendy

    Okay I’m now crying….this is awesome. Keep it coming!

  • Pete

    Count it pure joy when the world comes crashing, hold your head up and keep on dancing.”

    says in James that we should consider it PURE JOY when we face trials….i love that song…’s fun to dance to…

  • Hallie

    OMG! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I know that whenever I’m feeling down,I can always get on your blog and you can make me laugh!!!!
    Thanks sooo much!!

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    hmmm…it has to be a spiritual gift!! I love coming to this blog and seeing what new antics you guys have come up with-it is obvious you guys love what you do AND you have fun doing it.

  • gifts

    I really like surfing this blog as everytime you comeup with something new.

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