Touchy Subject

american_flag_2.jpgI am sitting in the Doctor’s office waiting to be called back, and CNN is on. I don’t want to get too political, but where I live, republicans and Christians go hand in hand. Why is that?

My grandmother used to tell me how, when she was young, democrats and Christians went hand in hand. Why is that? Should we as believers get involved? Should we simply trust God’s sovereignty and watch from a distance? Man I wish the Doc would call me back before I convince myself to run for president.

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  • David

    Hi Bart, You’re Great Man. Praise GOD for the band Mercy Me

    Now on to the subject. I agree with the premise “Christians and Democrats hand in hand”. I always believed Christ had more views of the Dem Nature. Love, caring and no soul left behind. I never felt the, every man for himself or me first attitude, of the Rep tone. Just my humble opinion. Great DVD out last month guys. I waited for awhile and loved the Hawaii bonus ! Awesome ! Tx so much
    DP from RI

  • alan

    For the record, this is my own personal view on this subject. I believe that God will allow to happen what is a part of His plan regardless of who’s in office, while at the same time knowing God’s with His people every step of the way.

    With that said though, I still believe that Christians should get involved and vote for whichever candidate they feel best represents their ideas, and not just sit it out. We’re still apart of society and are affected by the decisions and the rules and laws that are made and passed by whomever is in office. It’s great to know that regardless of who it is though that God’s covering is over His people. He’s promised us. a-

  • anonymous

    I don’t think you want a book published on here. But in short, I do think Christians should be involved but I think that Christians need to think about what the candidates stand for and God’s will. I have been very disappointed in who many Christians are supporting in this election. And when I ask them why, it has to do with superficial things that have nothing to do with who the person is or how they run a country. Then we wonder why this country is getting worse…………ok, ending now as I know I’ll get some flack for this.

  • Sandi

    Bart for President….I can only imagine ;)…you have my vote! 🙂

  • Emma

    Bart, I think you’d be a great Prez.

  • Jen

    This seems to be the topic of blogs lately. Anyway, here’s my two cents or sense, or whatever it is.

    I don’t think it should even be broken down to “we as believers”. We, as Americans, have the right and more importantly, the duty to vote. As a Christian, it seems this election might be a lot harder to decipher what’s best, but we owe it to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have lost their lives during the last 200 years to exercise that right.

    And that’s what makes us, as in Americans, different. We have the opportunity to get “involved”. Where it comes in as “we as believers” is who we vote for and why.

    But that’s just me, and I am officially stepping off the soap box…right…now.

    I think you should run for president. You could use that dance video as a backdrop.

  • Brenda

    EEEWWW!!!! The elections are coming up this year… ( i’m not a big fan of either of the candidates) I almost feel really sorry for the next Prez.. because the economy is not in very good shape right now……but on the other hand…..GOD is in complete contol.. and This too shall pass … we have to to the best we can… definitly exercise our right to vote and PRAY…………

  • Robbie

    All americans should get involved especially Christians as we need to elect good leaders.

    If you decide to run for president you would definitely have my vote!

  • Heidi

    Just a thought to ponder.

    If you don’t vote

    You can’t complain

    Heidi Reed

  • Kristin

    Oh course Christians should get involved! How else are we to restore moral sanity to our nation? We owe it to God, we owe it to our cildren. “Should we simply trust God’s sovereignty and watch from a distance?” God is all powerful and all sovereign, yes, but He accomplishes his will through ordinary people like you and me, read the Bible. He is not just going to come down and create a Christian Utopian (if there was such a thing)…we must work for good, and that work involves voting first and foremost for candidates who respect life, because God is life, and w/o life we have nothing.

  • Tammy

    I hope you’re ok since you are at the dr.
    Elections can affect our freedom and our freedom of religion. So YES we need to listen and learn and make wise choices. It will determine our future as well as our kids future. Also, God will bless the country that protects and supports Israel and curse anyone that causes harm to His chosen people. Every choice we make should take that into consideration. God is in TOTAL control, but He gave us the abilty to choose and He expects us to glorify him in our choices.

  • Kevin Hanks

    I think it is a crying shame not to be involved or to cast your vote. Yes God is sovereign,and he knows who’s going to be President. But its like he also knows who is going to be saved and who isn’t. Does that mean we just sit on our hands and not share our faith! Know way! to many things have been aloud to happen in this country while the church watches at a distance. To much passive Christianity in the world, God is looking for people to step up to the plate.
    2 Chron 16:9 God Bless Love your Ministry!

  • frank

    I wonder the same thing. I do not believe we are to mix the two. I read a quote in a book that states, “Mixing state and religion is like mixing manure with ice cream. It might not do much to the manure, but it sure messes up the ice cream.”

  • Christy

    Please run, I will vote for you.
    Christy in KY

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