I Think The Strawberries Made Me Taller


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  • Gil Sterling

    You Guys Rock! My wife and I (and also my nephew) just got home from your concert at the strawberry festival. You all were awesome! I will tell you something though your song “Bring the Rain” is the song that help get me through Chemo & Radiation treatments. So for me it was a source of strength, and encouragement! I may never get the chance to say thank you in person so I’ll do it here, THANK YOU so very much! You may have written the song after a loss in your life, but to me it was a light at the end of the tunnel!

    Great pic! But you really didn’t seem that much taller on stage!? I’m the wife BTW – and really, the song “Bring the Rain” had more meaning for him after he was in remission from Hodgkin’s. And many of your songs came to mind when a lump was found in my thyroid this year. Thankfully, is was not cancer, but part of an auto-immune disorder, but we were ready for it.

    We really enjoyed your show and your message. As people we do tend to be a little self-centered, but it’s not about us, it’s ALL about HIM! Thank you – all of you – for sharing your wonderful gifts!!!

  • Robbie

    If strawberries make you grow taller then I’m going to eat a lot of them. I am 5’2″ and I would love to be a few inches taller.

  • Ben

    Hey, I know this is a little off-topic, but do you guys have any idea where to find your album “traces of rain volume 2”?

  • Linda

    Tonight was another mile stone for me. When ever I have had the opportunity to see you in concert it has never been just a concert. It has been worship.
    The first time in saw you perform I think was in 1996 at Blanton Baptist Church for the East Pasco Baptist Association. You became my favorite group that night and today 12 yrs later you still are.

    Did not see you perform again until Super Summer At Hardin Simmons in Abilene, Tx. When you did Spoken For the first time. You have come a long way since that broken down bus.

    You songs and your witness always speaks volumes to me tonight you touch me yet again with you song Finally Home. I lost my mother when I was 18. I have had the same thoughts as you did about you dad. You moved me to tears.

    I will continue to pray for you and your band members that God will continue to bless you all has he uses you as His instrument to spread His Word and provide peace and comfort to those hearing your songs.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again at Night of Joy for the second time.

    Living By Grace

    PS: I been eating strawberrys here in FL since 1986 and the only thing that ever grew was my waistline. I am still 4″10

  • MMmike

    Ben….i would try eBay….they are currently out of print…..sorry dude!


  • jim wyatt

    I took the my 21 yr old daughter and my 12 yr old son …and awesome wife …last night to the show.
    It was my first Mercyme concert, but a long time fan….it was powerful and moving …i appreciate your honesty and the candor of how we all struggle but it is for His glory.
    we loved it as a family and the strawberrie shortcake and the and corn dogs rocked…
    oh and ending the show with Petty tune? this Florida boy loved it…
    stay warm in bringing His word
    jim wyatt

  • Brenda

    I have lived in Florida pretty much all my life and have Never been to the Stawberry Festival.Years ago I heard “I can only Imagine” on the radio and they didnt say what band had played it… so it took me a while to find out who you guys were. Well after i found out who you were….. i got “Almost There” for xmas gift….and just loved it… FINALLy music that i enjoyed, AND got closer to JESUS !! well i have been waiting for you guys to come to Florida (for years ) like by yourself,(not with any other bands) and have been planning to see you like since August 07— This was my first time at a Christian Concert… i ‘ve been a Christian for a while but you guys were the first Christian band i’ve seen LIVE —YOU WERE AWESOME …i still cant believe i saw MERCY ME in concert ..you all have difinitly FOUND Your calling… THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to the Stawberry FESTIVAL…&may GOD continue to bless you with those songs…..

  • Just A Passer By

    Yeah, sometimes strawberries make you sprout up like a weed. I grew a whole foot one summer after eating a unhealthy(hunormous) amount of strawberries. The strawberries were on sale. 🙁 ugh.

  • Tony

    I saw you guys at the festival and I have to say you did look a bit taller 😛

    I noticed that the “backstage” area was more like and “under stage” area. HA!

    Great show. This was my first time getting to see you guys and it was amazing, although I don’t think there are words to describe how much fun I had. When we had the chance to go up to the stage and worship along side you guys it was truly an amazing experience for me and my wife. We are already making plans to make it to Disney in September to see you at the Night of Joy. It will be my early b-day gift for me and my wife (both our b-days are in September).

    God bless.

  • Annette

    I just have to say…. I was so blessed!! This was my first time going to one of your concerts. God has truly blessed you guys!! Thank You for doing the work of the Lord! I was feeling so down and out, just going through alot in my life right now… you spoke to me. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I came home a changed person!! Praise God!

  • Emma

    Aw, poor Mike looks scared.

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