Addison Road

Hey fellow Bloggers…. its Robby here.

I wanted to let you guys know about a great band named Addison Road. They are a band out of Dallas that has signed with INO Records, which is the label we are on. The self titled record hits the shelves on March 18th.The reason Im bringing this up is because they have been given the privilege of being the current iTunes Discovery Download of the week. All you have to do is click on the link here for a free download of their first single “All that Matters”. Its currently #10 on the CHR charts.

I have been working with band for over a year and now co-manage them with our manager Scott Brickell. I really believe in them and think they are going to do great things. Thanks for you time and hope you like the song….


Get The Song.

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  • anon4him

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’m enjoying this song ^_^

  • Raquel TWG

    Yes, I’ve heard them before. Pretty awesome (:

    Hey would you mind swapping links?
    Roll for roll, haha.

  • Lori

    Found the web site for them as well. Good stuff. Where are they from? Anyone know?

  • Alymc

    Discovery Downloading. Thanks!

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