So during the holiday season there wasn’t much of a need for me to shave
so I let my beard grow and grow. It is hard to tell but it did get a little out of control,
and so now the time has come for it to go. So why not have some fun with it! And yes I did clean the sink after I shaved. My wife is so proud!
Ahh. A full beard to stay warm.

The chops. Always a classic.

The long sideburns. Hmmm, can’t hear as well.

The handlebars. Scary!

And my personal favorite, the Zorro. Or the Magnum which ever you prefer.
A few folks in Florida got to see me with this during meet and greet. I will not be wearing it again.
Much love,

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  • randy

    I dont blame you. I dont think i could have a mustach for a total of 1 full min. there has to be a beard to go with it.

  • Daniel Crowe

    wow….thats all i can say 😛

  • Booch

    # 4 is my personal fav!

  • tam

    So being a woman who shaves (not my face) I look at these with envy. You guys can have so much fun with this! Can you imagine the ladies making designs on their legs and sporting those bad dogs around! 😯 Not okay… So have fun with it 😉


  • Heidi

    ROFL!! All I could think was that I’d like facial hair just once so I can do that too. Hysterical!

    Tam: LOL about the legs – if mine grew in that dark & heavy I would SO do it!!


  • Tina Vega

    I think you could have pulled off the long sideburns with the whole retro-thing going on…

    My hubby (a former teacher) used to do the very same thing over winter break. I agree – some of them facial-hair-things are just plain old scary.

  • Denise

    teehee… I like #4 also! Much better clean cut, although I think you could do without the lower lip fuzz, ya know what I mean? My husband can’t even grow that much!!

  • Nancybratt

    Love number 2 Nate. I just found you guys tonight. Remember me from the PUyallup Fair. I met you in person. I’m not doing too well. But I found you guys tonight and I havent smiled so much in a long long time.
    I miss you guys and pray I can see you again someday.

  • randy

    well done, i like the look.

  • Your Sister

    Wow…. lol Gotta say, you don’t quite pull off the facial hair like dad does! LOL The number 4 I just want to say that I hope I never ever have to see that again 😀 lol. I love you lots though!

  • Your Sister

    OH, and # 5… 😀

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