We Are Jedi

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  • Rachel

    that is to stinkin cute!! thanks for sharing with us bart!

  • kelli

    Too cute! my boy started his fascination around three, and at thirteen is still going strong. See what you have to look forward to?!

  • West

    jelousy…we only have the ones that pop out with the wrist action…no sounds…..

  • Matt Norman

    Ah they are training the Jedis young these days….

  • tam

    our son was a Jedi for 3 1/2 years. 3 1/2 very l.o.n.g years!


  • Helen

    Too cute Bart! I loved seeing this! Dad and the boys being Jedi’s…Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Love and prayers from Canada 🙂

  • Jodie

    YOU are JEDI! Jesus is with you on the fight for the good side. Look out Darthvader! Love it!!!!

  • Michelle Tapp

    I have 3 young Jedi at home myself. My in-laws kept all of my husbands Star Wars toys from when he was little, and now our boys have them. It’s always a special time when he takes all of the stuff out (because there is an insane amount) and shows the boys how he used to set everything up and play when he was little.

  • Emma

    Your kids are so cute!

  • Eddie Airheart

    Hey Bart,
    DUDE! How awesome to see you on here with your boys…my son Hunter just came home from WinterJam and told me he got to meet you and that I said “Hi”…how funny and wonderful that God has brought it all so full circle…Becky, JK and I watching you lead worship at Lake Lavon all those years ago, and then Hunter getting to see you tonight. What a good God we serve and love.

    Keep in touch and come back to Little Rock and see us soon.

    Col. 3:23

  • StrivingTessa

    that is cute. I have a question. You know the hidden track on your album that says “Have fun in life…. Stop and smell the roses while the roses are in bloom…” Is there something from you tube that I can post on my blog, I cannot find it? Just wondering. Thanks.

  • Cathy

    Adorable!!! I was Princess Leah to my cousin’s Luke Skywalker as a kid (yes, I am that old!) My girls have no interest. Sigh.

  • Tina Vega

    It brings back memories of carefully choreographed movements with my two Jedi (hubby’s training not mine).

    Simply adorable!

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