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In the spirit of creating a big happy family on this here blog, we’d love to add some links on the side over there, connecting us to all of you that are reading this. So here’s your chance. Comment on this post and leave your blog address. We will check out every single one of them and then add you to our blogroll.

Let’s help spread the word about each other’s blogs. Let us know if you link to us and we will do our best to share the love. We look forward to hearing a bit of what you guys have to say.


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  • Adam Riggins

    great idea!!


  • Leslie

    Love your music!



  • Zach Nielsen

    I am down. Your blog is cool. I loved the gear stuff. I used to be a touring musician in Nashville, thus the life on the road stuff is interesting…


  • frank

    Avid reader. Love the blog and you’re probably sick of hearing this, but the new album is amazing! Your best work so far!


  • Tammie

    Big happy families are wonderful. Here’s mine. Hope you like …


  • Randy Elrod

    I have added you guys blog to my blogroll as well! Thanks for a GREAT blog! I just read my friend Mark Lee’s blogpost about your blog…and Brody also asked me to link. I will not only link, but I will blog about your new site today.

    My blog is called: Ethos and the url is:



  • kelli

    Welcome to the wonderful world o’blogging! It’s an amazing place to be 🙂


  • kelli

    (meant to add I’ve linked back)

  • Tracy Edwards

    Not only did I link to you blog, but because of Brody, I blogged about it when you guys first launched. Thanks for keeping it current. You might do a better job that I do!!


  • Dale Best

    Hey guys…would love to be linked from yours. I’m also a linker from Brody’s blog. He did a great job kicking things off for ya and you guys have taken over quite well!


  • tunz4jesus

    Glad you joined this great big blogging world. Come join us http://tunz4jesus.wordpress.com/ for an interesting discussion of nothing in particular.

  • Culmer


  • Rich Kirkpatrick

    I am glad guys like you are in the blogworld!

    my site is http://www.richkirkpatrick.com

  • Amy

    I’m reading all your posts through my Google Reader!

  • becca
  • Rachel

    hey there guys!..been reading the blog since brody posted about it in his blog…
    here is my link…
    i am also new to this blogging stuff:)
    God Bless,

  • marina

    Great blog!! Heard about it from Brody Harper & Randy Elrod blogs. Posting your banner today and adding you to my blogroll.



  • West

    well, if you’re up for it..I’m a double blogger…I like food almost as much as music.




  • Jameson Runnels

    You guys rock!!! Thanks for ministering to a hurting world through your music. I just added you to my blogroll also! Thanks again!



  • Daniel Crowe
  • joel gutowsky

    love the blog fellas. and how come the worship project and traces of rain vol. 1 and 2 are not up on the list of albums. hmmm?

  • alan

    Sweet. Really looking forward to seeing you guys here in Jackson, MS in a few weeks.



  • Anne

    Aloha! I’ve been reading you for a few weeks and have put you on my blogroll. Saw you in concert a couple of years ago in Tallahassee, FL, and really enjoyed it.


  • Audra

    Love your blog and your music even more. Heard about the blog from Marina on her blog, Rock The Desert. Putting your banner on now and linking to you guys…thanks for the offer. God Bless. Krellfish.typepad.com

  • tam

    Fun! I’ve been wanting to add you all to my roll but thought it might look silly…I mean, Hello! You’re…YOU! 😀


    I’m off to add you on…

  • Brooke

    Ya’ll rock! I linked to you back when Brody spread word of your site, and i love checking in. 🙂


  • Brooke

    Ya’ll rock! I linked to you back when Brody spread word of your site, and i love checking in. 🙂 Thanks!


  • Eddie Harrison
  • Becky Jo Beverly

    We LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEE You guys!! Recently moved from the Phoenix area to the detroit area – NOBODY comes here in concert!!! You guys wanna change that?!?!?! We also miss Klove!
    Anyhoo, we will add you if you add us!!!
    Becky Jo

  • stacey

    Hey guys! I didn’t have a blog and lets face it i don’t have any idea what it is any ways.
    But i do have an email address
    (staceygreenside@att.net).I am not that computer friendly. (sorry)!

  • StrivingTessa

    Already linked up to you, mine is http://www.striving-to-be-better.blogspot.com

  • Victor Estrada

    Hey guys, nice blog. Check out mine at http://www.thewonderfulnoise.com

  • Aaron Conrad

    Great new look to the site guys. Count me in on the blogroll. Glad you put together a blog for those of us in the blogosphere to follow! Thanks for your ministry and letting God speak through you. You have touched many. God bless guys.

  • Dadooz

    Just a humble, and rather occasional, blogger, I am. Thanks for blogging, I especially like the gear posts, as a gearhead musician! BTW, saw you guys with AudioA in Baltimore- great show, and you really blew away my son (he is THE AudioA fan) when you did the quick I’m Not The King snip and Tremble

  • Matt Norman

    The address for my blog is http://www.onebigg.com. I posted much lately, but should be doing more.

  • Matt Norman

    Ok, your link is now on my blog.

  • Spencer Pablo

    Hey guys! This is a great idea. I have been a fan for a while. I’ve blogged about you quite a bit on my site (http://mr.spoontr.com) – you can do a search for your name and you’ll find it. Also–I’ve linked back to MercyMe on my site, and added the imagineacure.com link.

    Take care.

  • joel gutowsky

    throw me up there


  • Christine

    I’m just a small-time worship leader and blogger, and I appreciate the invite to share links. I’m glad that you guys are blogging and are sharing with us your lives and ministry. Great music, great hearts for the Lord.

    My music ministry blog:

  • Hannah

    I’d love to be added! I linked to you guys already! Thanks!

  • Barb

    You guys are great, been following you for awhile. I started blogging just about the same time you guys did.


  • Shanda Conger

    Oh the fun of blogs! I enjoy reading what you all have to say!


  • liann

    Thanks for the invite to share links. Appreciate it.

    Here’s our site http://www.drummerforchrist.com

  • LizzieFish

    oh hi! thanks! this is so fun. =)

  • anon4him
  • Jon Lloyd

    Thanks for the Link Love. Love the music.


  • bryan2

    hey guys, enjoying your posts. great stuff. been reading since it was up. hope all is going well. god bless


  • bryan2

    hey guys, io have been enjoying this blog since it was up. keep up the amazing work. god bless.


  • Heidi

    You are my favorite band! My husband and I saw you live in Columbus, Ohio when you opened for Michael W. Smith. Ssshhhh, don’t tell Mr. Smith, but we left after your set b/c we only came to see you.

    You’re linked on my site as of today.

    Heidi Reed

  • Heidi

    I forgot to give you my site info. Woops -sorry.


    Heidi R.

  • lyssa perry

    Hey guys!
    Love the blog – will add you to our site. You should probably check ours out sometime too b/c you just never know when a picture of you might show up on it – say from the early 90’s??? hahaheehee…oh, how I love coming across those photos Bart & Jim; as I go thru boxes here and there, there you are & I just laugh & am so thankful about how far God has brought all of us!!! Missed seeing you guys in Johnson City – it was our youngest’s 1st official Adoption Day so we were celebrating with him. We’ll catch you next time. Hugs to all of you – Lyssa, Andy, Cameron, Kendrick & Kolbe 🙂

  • Emma

    Not my blog, but it’s great all the same. It’s run by two guys from my network of churches, Sovereign Grace Ministries.


  • Tina Vega

    cool! will add you to my side bar as well!


  • Jerry Chapman

    I actually plugged your new CD on my blog on January 18. One of the best CDs in years!

    “Words Matter”

  • Kelly

    Hi All-

    Perhaps a little late, but I will still give it a try and would therefore request to have a humble spot too? God bless!

  • Kelly

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Kim

    It’s not a “blog” but a website…enjoy!

    LOVE this blog by the way..you guys are awesome!

    :0) Kim

  • Marc and Charity Verlander

    Serving overseas in the UK-


  • Dave Carrol

    Love the blog guys!



  • Frank Adams

    Hey guys, we just had the pleasure of seeing you on K-Love’s Friends & Family Music Cruise and couldn’t help but notice you were down one guitarist. We saw you catch Big Daddy Weave’s set the night before yours and saw Barry there, but I couldn’t tell who was on stage under the knit cap. Hope no one took ill on the cruise…God bless,

  • Allison

    I’m commenting. I don’t know how to do links on my blog. I have looked and looked and looked but I can’t freaking find something where you can add links. *tears* If I ever figure it out, I’ll add you.

  • Candi

    I just found your blog. How refreshing that you guys are real people.

  • Christy

    Hi guys,
    I just found your blog. I love the jedi video. Our guys are 11 & 12. I put you on my favorites, so I will be back bunches. Thanks for giving to the Lord.

  • June

    Love your music and hope to see you in concert this year!



  • Heidi

    Is it to late to get added?


  • Christy

    Ok, I have to do it. My guys and I listen to you all a lot. Thanks for sharing your tallent for our Daddy God. Some people will only get reached by music and I hope they hear yours. Thanks for giving to the Lord.

  • Liza's Eyeview

    Thank you for your worship …

    I’m glad you’re blogging 🙂

  • Liza's Eyeview
  • Cathy

    I love this idea!

  • Cathy
  • Jen

    I’ve had your link on my page for several days now, mostly because I think you all are stinkin’ hilarious and I could use a good laugh every once in awhile. And of course, I love your music.

    Anyway, I recognize this post is from several weeks ago but I thought I’d leave a comment and my link.

    Thanks for being a bright spot….


  • Katherine

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it-it has kept me laughing, and I look forward to seeing more of if the inner workings of MercyMe!! 😉

    Here is my site: http://www.katwoman25.blogspot.com
    and I will link you to mine!

    Thank you for using your gifts in the kingdom of God and may you continue to be blessed!! 🙂

  • Russ

    Great stuff, listened to you guys forever. Subscribing to your RSS!

    Mine is http://www.dewknight.com . I’ve added you guys to my blogroll

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