Help Imagine A Cure

Remember the other day when I wrote about the organization that we were able to help start, Imagine A Cure? Well, since then we have had a great response to the site and the organization, that we decided to make it a little easier to spread the word.

Below you will find some code that you can copy and paste into your own blogs to help get the word out. We are looking forward to seeing God move in this.


Copy and paste this code.

Thanks again.

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  • kelli

    I’m privileged to help give this a voice. So many have jumped in to give our search for an organ donor a voice, hopefully they will see this need as well and help out! The code has been uploaded.

  • Michelle Tapp

    Count me in!!

  • frank

    I tried to add it, but the image is off somehow? The link works, though.

  • Brooke

    The image was off on mine too, but i can see the link. Is it just my computer? Thanks for sharing the code! I never could find it on the website 🙂

  • Tami Caughey

    My niece, Karson, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when she was three. She’s now 14 and a happy, healthy, normal teenage girl. What you’re doing here is awesome. Most people don’t know that these kids will never “outgrow” this disease and have many misconceptions. My family has been actively involved in the JDRF for several years. Thanks for allowing us another way to help. God Bless.

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