Bart’s Gear

Seeing the rest of the band working hard towards revealing all of their gear secrets, I thought I would let you in on my most coveted secrets.

I only use the Shure KSM9 wireless microphone with an Ultimate Brand mic stand. Trust me when I say, they seriously make a difference.

This is a water bottle: I drink water during all of my shows. I am not concerned so much with the brand as long as it is wet. If I did have to choose a brand, I would most likely go with Sam’s choice water from Wal-Mart…mmmmm smooth and refreshing.

Being a man of largeness, I also use a towel to keep sweat from falling in my eyes during the show. Sweat is bad enough, but when mixed with hair gel it hurts like crazy.

So there you have it. I know I risk the chance of many, many people taking my secrets and becoming professional singers, but I am willing to take such a risk.

Sing on my friends…sing on.

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  • randy

    I pretty sure that all the secrets in the world arnt going to help me become a top notch singer but I’ll give it my best shot. All i need is a stage and your water and your mic… you can be back up if you want. ha ha ha

  • Adam Riggins

    Dude, now that I know all of your rockstar secrets, I am going to use them to become awesome. Thanks!

  • Cheesecake Jones

    Your equipment is different because you carry your instrument with you everywhere you go…

    I would be more interested in seeing how you take care of your voice. How do you warm up? What exercises do you do? What do you drink when you’re on the road? What do you do when you have a sore throat? I’m a vocalist who is a noob at taking care of his voice. This time of year it seems like I’m always nursing some kind of cold, and I’d like to know what you do to keep yourself in top singing shape.


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