Albert And Me

Today was a good day. Why you ask? In case you did not know, there are a few guys in MercyMe that are huge, huge baseball fans. And one of the “perks” of being in a band is that you sometimes get to meet some of your heroes. And every once in a while it goes farther than just meeting them…you actually become friends. Can you believe that?!?!?

Well today was a good day. We have had the pleasure of calling Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals a friend. Albert and his family are amazing, godly people. He has a heart of gold, and he truly has a desire to see God glorified.

Well, tonight we are doing a show in St. Louis, so we were able to hook up with Albert for lunch at his restaurant “Pujols 5.” That’s right, today was a good day. Now brothers and sisters try to understand how hard it is not to freak out. I am not one to get star struck, but I am a sports nut! We are talking childhood dreams here. And to meet godly athletes is even better! Oh yes, my dear friends, today…was a good day.

Here is Albert bugging me for my autograph…again.


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  • Rachel

    not gonna lie… i am pretty jelous… the cardinals are my fave team:) i dont know albert and his family but i know about the pujlos family foundation and what its all about… amazing…simply amazing!!! Glad you had a good day.. i have been wanting to get up there and try out his resturant… how was the food:)
    praying for you guys,
    God Bless,
    tulsa, ok

  • StrivingTessa

    Geez, star struck is feeling a little rush when one of the band members of Mercy Me actually leaves a comment on your blog. STOKED I TELL YOU!!!! And congrats on the childhood dream thing. That is awesome. Good day.

  • Julie

    i saw you guys at Winter Jam last night in STL – AMAZING! Love the new stuff. Thanks for giving me another chance to see you perform!

  • Scot

    Meeting baseball superstars. Nice! That would be a nice benefit of being in a big time band.

  • Michelle Tapp

    I don’t think I’ve ever been star struck, but then again I have never met anyone famous. Maybe one day I could me y’all and then I’d know either way. 🙂

  • Brent Money

    Speaking of Baseball, guess who is featured in the official Rangers’ video introduction to the 2008 season? Okay, “featured” is a bit of an exageration, but if you go to 2:40 of the clip below you will see Bart in his familiar #56 Rangers jersey.

    Yeah, that’s right. I don’t know how to do the cool HTML thingy where you hyperlink the text. I’m just a lawyer, and I’m almost 30, so I’m too old to learn these things.

  • joel gutowsky

    ok. im not gonna lie. i don’t like that man. im a huge astros fan. i was at the game when he hit a shot to pluto (RIP) off of brad lidge in the 2005 NLCS. i love him b/c he is my brother BUT…i don’t like him cause he ruined a good closers career. call me bitter but…

  • Sandi

    that’s awesome. I’m not a Cardinals fan, but to be able to meet a guy like Pujols. It really excites me when I see a professional athlete who is a godly person. You guys are really lucky to be able to meet people like that. Us a fans, don’t always get that luxary…even in Christian music…many artists are really hard to meet. 🙁

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