Gear (Part One)

Ok…. here by popular demand this is the beginning of the Gear Blog…..

Now these pictures came from my Treo, (which let’s all admit it… camera phones in low lighting…. horrible, right?) so let’s not waste time discussing the poor quality of the photos… I’ll try and get some higher quality pics up soon. Also, There are are a lot of photos missing… ie, Barry’s amps/pedals/guitars…we’ll let him make that post. Matter of fact, all the other guys can post their own stuff. Feel free to ask questions or tell me about your gear…I love finding out about new stuff!!!

Pedal Board: This is my current Winter Jam pedal board. Note the Cusack Pedals…THESE THING ROCK!!!!! Also…The TC Nova Delay…This is the newest addition to the arsenal and is THE best Delay pedal I’ve ever played.

Gabriel Voxer 18: I LOVE THIS AMP!!! Gabi is still building these amps in his Garage and the sound is amazing. So much so that Barry has recently invested in the 36 watt version of this amp, which is 18 watts. MercyMe’s guitarsenal is entirely powered by Gabriel Amps on this Winter Jam tour, and WE LOVE IT!!!!

This is Wes…he’s our stage manager/guitar tech/barista/friend. He’s currently modeling one of my current favorite rockers…It’s a Supro DualTone. You can find these on the web. Bruce Zinky has single handedly revived the Supro amp and guitar line….ok….he couldn’t do it without Annette, but either way…these guitars and amps are unbelievable. Mine is #10, #1 belongs to the Rolling Stones. Don’t let this scare you…the sticker price isn’t all that bad, but you will have to wait a while for one of these masterpieces as they are all hand built.

Gibsons, Fenders, and a Supro…life is good.

My tele that I butchered and Steve Anderson @ Anderson Guitar Gallery in Frisco, Tx. salvaged her for me. Now it’s one of my favorites. It was a standard Tele, now it’s loaded w/ Seymour Duncans and a Bigsby….Twangy Baby!

To Be Continued…

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  • West

    Well, I guess I should keep my mouth shut as I’ve already gotten in a lot of trouble with ya’ll.

    I’m Gretsch drummer (I used to work in Artist Relations with them) and thusly play a Gretsch New Classic prototype kit. I normally play 12, 16, kick & snare….(blue sparkle lacquer) since it was a prototype kit, I have all sizes from 8″ – 18″ w/a 18×22 kick and 5.5″x14″ snare. I also have a bevy of snare drums. Too many to list right now.

    Gibraltar Hardware…not much better than Gibraltar….and Sabian Vault cymbals…

    That’s my gear…maybe I’ll put up photos on the ol’ blog.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Evan Andrews

    Sweet Action!!
    I wanna see Robby’s stuff…I’m a drummer…lol

  • Daniel Crowe

    dude, you’re awesome.

    can you tell us what you like the most about that tc delay pedal? i’ve seen it in the catalogs but haven’t really dug into it. maybe, what you like about it more than a dl4?

    my own guitar rig is: gibson lp studio through dunlop hendrix wah, jekyll & hyde, bbe sonic stomp, danelectro tuna melt tremolo, and finally (and most importantly) my dl4. i run these into two amps, one is a special custom vox amp…which is kindof a cross between an ac30 and a valvetronix, and the other is an epiphone valve junior head (5 watts). i’m hoping to pick up a boss dd5 or dd20 in the near future….unless you might really recommend that tc delay.

  • anon4him

    These pictures are so beautiful! Too bad I won’t get to hear those guitars, amps or pedal board in action 🙁 I’m gonna be in Florida for spring training while y’all are playing Winter Jam in Michigan. Maybe if you turn that amp up all the way (times 1 million) I’ll be able to hear you 😛

  • admin

    The TC Nova Delay….where do I start….9 user programs so you can save sounds and get to them quick and easy. Tap…a necessity. Unbelievable clarity…no tone suck, like you get from a Boss pedal or the DL4. It’s TC, so you know it’s quality. I’ve gone through 3 DL4’s and while I like the sounds and use it in the studio, they are not road worthy. Robert Keeley does a mod on them that levels out the volumes, gets around the tone suck, and even adds spill over to it, which is definitely cool. I’ll be sending mine to him shortly.

    The TC takes up WAY less space on a pedal board than the rest…even a DD5 if you have a tap pedal. Amazing amounts of delay options w/ the TC also. The Reverse sound is the most usable reverse I’ve heard in a delay pedal. The ability to add Mod to any of the delay sounds. All this and it costs the same as the DL4.
    I retired my DD20 for this pedal…I TOTALLY recommend it.


  • tabby

    hey Mike!!! I am your biggest fan!! It is so cool to see what your feet stomp every night! i would love to meet up next time you get to Eugene, OR. I have had the opportunity to meet you a couple times but i am sure a rockstar like you doesn’t remember me. I am the loud girl with red curly hair. anyway…you rock! peace.

  • Patrick Whelan

    Hey, big fan of you guys! Your worship session at Breakforth 2008 was truly honoring to the Lord. I recently bought the Christmas album and am very curious as to what effect was used at the end of Winter Wonderland/White Christmas? Sounds like an auto-wah, but I’m not quite sure. Also, what name-brand was used? Thanks!

  • Conner Byrd

    Hey Mike, great gear here. It’s been a while since I checked into ya’lls gear.
    I’m curious if you have the pedals written out. It’s kind of hard to tell what some of them are with your high quality photos 🙂
    I’m making the transition from acoustic to electric and building my board right now from our other guitarist’s old board. Currently:
    Gretsch -> Dunlop Wah/Volume -> Barber -> DD20 -> DD5 -> Phase 90 -> Fender Blues Jr.

    Looking to swap out the Barber for a real nice clean boost and a distortion. And adding the Empress Tremolo. Looking to potentially replace the DD5 AND DD20 with the Timefactor. Interesting you went with the Nova. Have you dabbled with the Eventide’s at all?
    Thanks for sharing!

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