Too Big To Play


So what happens when you buy your son a Lightning McQueen tent for his Birthday?

He asks you to play in it with him.

Unfortunately, he doesnt realize that Im to big to play in it. But being the good father that I am, I did my best to climb through the tent. But for some reason for which I dont understand, I just cant fit. I guess its part of life. You get older, you get bigger and you cant play in a tent anymore. So my lessoned learned on this day is to never buy toys that require you to get down on all fours and make a fool of yourself. And if you do, make sure the whole is big enough for a grown man to get through.

Happy Birthday Levi!


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  • A child of God

    Eventhough you may of felt like a fool, look how happy it made your son. What a ,great, humble, fun, dad you are. Keep the entertaining posts coming guys, please. God bless. Oh, happy birthday Levi and more wonderful years to you little guy.

  • jello

    Funny! Happy birthday Levi and more wonderful years to you little guy.

  • anon4him

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m only 19, and I don’t think I could fit through it!

  • West

    I luckily don’t have to climb into things…I’m still doing the “peter pan” flying thing…or I have to play Geo-Trax…..woohooo!

    Levi is a good name….I wanted Elvis, but when Elijah was suggested, I figured I wouldn’t get any closer to Elvis…….Levi was one of my choices….but got shot down…..

  • Wade Cox

    Thats awesome, treasure those times. It was to many years ago for me, Wesley is 17 now and I dont think he would fit either. It is great seeing you guys married and having children. These are the years to cherish, they grow up way to fast. GOD BLESS!!!!!

  • stacey

    You are a great dad and so what if you look silly. It’s a wonderful father and son moment for Levi. God bless you for spending time with him. Tell Levi happy birthday and may jesus be with him all the time.

  • Emma

    Robbie, thanks for being a good dad and giving it a try. Your son will appreciate it, even if he can’t remember it when he grows up. 🙂

  • Marc and Charity Verlander

    Hey Rob, don’t know if you would remember us or not, but we were in Young Couples with y’all at FBC/Euless 6 or 7 yrs. ago. We are still overseas, in Wales. Just wanted to say hey and that we enjoy this blog!

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