My Guitar Heros


While we’re out on Winter Jam, we get to have a Guitar Hero challenge every night during intermission with radio contest winners. We are pretty stoked about that! Today the 19th in Orlando is the 1st time we’ll put our color memorization skills and rock poses to the test. We’ve been practicing on the bus in secret in anticipation of unleashing the most awesome raw rock power the world has ever seen! I captured 2 of the contestants rehearsing this afternoon. This is very serious. Bart has the most awesome guitar hero face ever while Nathan parts his hair in the middle for this face-off. They are both coming along very nicely.

You can’t tell from this still photo but I had an incredible light show going for them while they practice. Whatever it takes!


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  • Alymc

    Wow .. one cannot go a day without looking at your blog, or there is so much to catch up on! But, it’s really cool to see you all keeping it up. 🙂



  • Kelly

    Ditto to Alymc…keep up the awesome job–fun! God bless you and your families.

  • West

    now that’s some good guitar face!

  • Nancybratt

    Adorable picture of you Barry. Is that the real quitar hero’s?
    I miss you guys. But will FOREVER remember meeting you in person at the Puyallup Fair

  • Frank Adams

    Hey Barry,
    My wife and I were on the K-Love Friends & Family Cruise last week and saw you with Bart when you caught Big Daddy Weave’s set, but the next night on stage, I wasn’t sure if it was you or Mike on stage under that Knit cap?? I only knew you were minus one guitarist and was curious. We also saw you guys last year in Baltimore. Was One Trick Pony used a lot for the encore on that tour or was it a showcase for you in your old home town? My wife and I have different opinions on it… God bless!

  • admin

    Hey Frank,
    Actually I wasn’t on the cruise, I was home tending to some family needs. I guess my double did a good job!
    One Trick Pony was the beginning of our encore the entire tour, not just Baltimore.
    Thanks for visiting our blog. We have fun here!

  • Frank Adams

    Thanks for the reply Barry. I wish I could paste the picture that we thought was you. It was definately Bart, maybe the shaved head was Mike, since his latest blog makes it sound like his head was shaved right before the Cruise! God bless!

  • miketittle

    hey mercyme this is mike from sun city west az i look at your tour page i see you are coming to play in phoenix in july 6 i was wondering if you have any info on that please let me know thanks mike t from sun city west az you guys rock

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