Im Lazy, Are You?

20061220.jpgSo here is my question….

How long does it take for you to put away your christmas decorations? I find that when it comes to taking them down Im very lazy. Im great putting things up after Thanksgiving. It gets me in the holiday spirit. But taking it down (particularly the outside lights on the house) Im horrible at. I’ve even been known to receive a notice from my home owners association about it. What, is waiting until March bad?

Well, I got home on monday with great intentions of getting it done, but so far… IM LAZY. I have until thursday to get to it before I head back on the road, but knowing me, it wont get it done. I was just curious if any of you fellow bloggers out there struggle with the same thing. I like to call it “post christmas decorating laziness” or PCDL for short. Maybe we should start a PCDL anonymous for all of those out there like me. If Im the only one, then please pray for me.

Wishing it was still Christmas…..

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  • Amy

    lol, I’m definitely in this camp. I took mine down this weekend, but actually haven’t well, stored them away yet.

  • alan

    No I don’t think you’re the only one Rob. I pretty much think it’s an epidemic. I’m in charge of our outside lights, my wife does the decorating inside. I always notice after taking them down, that the taking down is much easier than the putting up.

  • becca

    Well, since my poor son was born on Christmas morning, I take my decorations down the day after. Every single evidence of Christmas celebrations is gone within 24 hours. That way, when we have his birthday party, typically the weekend after Christmas, it’s all about him. Not about Jesus. 🙂 No Christmas paper or decorations for his birthday party are allowed! This same kid, by the way, came to your concert with my husband and me just after his 2nd birthday and LOVED it. “Drums!!… Guitars!!… Piano!!… Lights!!!…” And he knew the words. He was in awe.

  • anon4him

    I think it usually takes me between one and two weeks. You’ve got to keep them up at least until new year’s day, but then after that people are typically back to work, and seemingly don’t have time for such activities. As a college student, I get quite a bit more time to do the small things — that doesn’t always keep me from being lazy though 😛

  • Matt Norman

    I once waited so long to take the lights of my house that my neighbor ended up coming over taking them down for me.

  • West

    icecicle lights are still up….everything else is on the dining room table awaiting my anti-lazy stance to move them into their appropriate bins in the garage….I have to move my drums and stuff first…

  • West

    oh….I was thinking I would see if I could keep them up for the next year…my wife might leave me though…..ha!

  • Stuart

    That’s not lazy…….I’m soo lazy, I didn’t even put mine up!!!

  • Shanda

    We didn’t put lights up this year…Just please tell me you don’t still turn them on every night. It is January 18th and my neighbor’s lights STILL come on every night! That is JUST wrong 🙂

  • tam

    Got here by way of “are we cool yet”

    I just took our tree down this week. I had planned on doing it the day after New Years. I shouldn’t make plans. Last year it was up til 2 days before Valentines. I was tempted to leave it and decorate it with hearts and chocolates…why not?!

    Have a great time on the road!

  • Lisa

    You are not alone! I only took mine down last Saturday and that was because we had small group coming Sunday evening. Matt’s comment was funny…the neighbor came over and did it for him…I think he’s on to something…just wait for the neigbor to do it! 🙂

  • Brooke

    I’ve taken all of the decorations down, but they are just sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go up to the attic. So the job is half complete? I hate taking them down too!

  • daz

    I have made lazyness an art. I try to avoid any activity unless it’s completely unavoidable. Christmas included. So at christmas what I do is not bother in the first place and go on holiday. I find this makes taking them down and putting them away (It’s tiring writing it!!) a lot easier. But I do think for those of you who have written in to say you still can’t be arsed to take them down,you should.

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